Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Mi-mi-tuo-fo
Age 60
Sex Female
Status possibly Buddhist nun
Height 1.4m
Culture Chinese
Date(s) approx. AD 1600-1700 Late Ming dynasty - Early Qing dynasty.
Site Jingzhou, Hubei, China
Current Location
Location Jingzhou Museum, Hubei, China
Catalog #
The mummy is believed to have been a Buddhist believer and may have lived as a Buddhist nun. According to the clothing and accessories, the director of Hubei museum determined that the mummy may have been a member of the middle class during her time.


The desiccated corpse is perfectly intact due to several factors. The coffin was made of fir-wood and was painted both on the inside and the outside; The coffin was sealed very tightly with China-wood oil and lime; the location was well chosen as no water have ever infiltrated tomb, lime and charcoal was placed within the coffin which kills bacteria as well as keeping the coffin try.Lastly, the mummy may have been smoke-treated with incense.


A kerchief of about 30cm wide was found on the mummy's chest, with dense Sanskrit sewed on it. Chinese scholars are still in the process of translating the Sanskrit written on the kerchief.


Buddha beads, gold hairpin, agate, bracelets, a bamboo cooking rack was also excavated from the site.


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