Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Mentuemhat
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Status Theban Official
Height Unknown
Culture Egyptian, 25th Dynasty
Date(s) c. 700 BC
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location TT34, Theban Necropolis
Catalog # Unknown

Mentuemhat, Son of Nesptah; who was the mayor of Thebes, and a third Prophet of Amun; husband to three (Neskhonsu, Shepenmut, Wadjerenes), Mentuemhat was a fourth Prophet of Amun, mayor of Thebes, and governor of upper egypt, he lived c. 700 BC in Thebes, Egypt during the 25th Dynasty.

Though his Body is no longer existent, he is commonly depicted by his many statues; His tomb (TT34, Theban Necropolis) was the largest tomb that was built for non-royalty.


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