McGill Mummy
Human Mummy
McGill mummy-0
Biographical Information
Name(s) un-named
Age adult, between 30 and 50 years old
Sex female
Status unknown
Height 5' 3"
Culture Egyptian at time of Roman occupation
Date(s) approximately 300 C.E.
Site Luxor, Egypt
Current Location
Location Redpath Museum at McGill University in Montreal
Catalog #
The unnamed mummy was brought to Montreal from Luxor (Thebes) sometime before 1859 by James Ferrier and donated artifacts that he obtained to the Natural History Society of Montreal and McGill University


Traditional Egyptian


Radiocarbon dating shows this unnamed woman lived around 1,700 years ago at a time when the Romans controlled Egypt. Mummification was in decline at the time of the Roman occupation of Egypt but this woman chose to be mummified.

Had dental problems and was missing a lot of teeth


The body was missing the heart but plaques had been placed on the body, perhaps to cover incision made during the mummification process

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