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Marcelin and Francine
Human Mummy
The Dumoulins
The Dumoulins
Biographical Information
Name(s) Francine, Marceline
Age 37, 40
Sex female, male
Status teacher, shoemaker
Culture Switzerland during the interwar period
Date(s) Missing: 1942, Found: 2017 (deceased)
Site Glacier 3000
Current Location
Location Les Diablerets
Catalog #

Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin were parents to 7 children: five sons and two daughters. Marcelin was a shoemaker and Francine a teacher. On August 15, 1942, they left to go milking, and after saying their goodbyes, they were never seen again.


Marcelin and Francine's mummified bodies were discovered in a melting glacier when Swiss policemen passed by. When found, their bodies were in extremely well preserved state due to the extremely cold and dry conditions of the glaciers which slow down the deterioration process. The bodies were found with boots, mitts, backpacks, and also a bottle and a watch.


With the glacier receding, more and more mummified bodies of missing individuals begin to surface. The Dumoulins were thought to have fallen into a crevasse, where they stayed until the glacier gave away. When first discovered, they were observed as wearing clothes dating back to the second World War. After DNA and identity analysis, it was determined that the bodies did indeed belong to the Dumoulins who disappeared in 1942.


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