Maatkare Mutemhet
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Maatkare
Sex f
Status elite
Height 152 cm
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 1070-1055 BC
Site Deir el-Bahari
Current Location
Location Egyptian National Museum of Antiquities in Cairo.
Catalog #

Maatkare, daughter of Pinedjem I and queen Duathathor-Henuttawi. Her coffins, a papyrus, and shabtis were found with her. Her body was accompanied by the mummy of her Pet Baboon which at some point was erroneously thought to be the body of an infant.

Had the title "God's Wife of Amun."

Found in the Cache DB320 at Deir el-Bahari in 1881.


The wrappings of her right arm were slit open by ancient thieves searching for valuables. In June 1909, a report cited the shroud had been ripped from forehead to pelvis, her left forearm was broken, and her hands had been badly damaged, one being practically broken off.

Maatkare's face had been painted with yellow ochre and a gum-like material adhered to the linen shroud. The linens used to wrap Maatkare were of superior quality. The body cavity was filled with sawdust, and the neck had been packed with fat mixed with soda in order to give the mummy a more life-like appearance.

A leather thong was found around Maatkare's head which was probably used to hold an amulet, now missing. Three gold and silver rings were found on each thumb and x-rays revealed a gold plate covering the embalming incision.

She was found in her original coffins.


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