Luttra Woman
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Frau von Luttra

Luttra Woman Raspberry Girl

Age 20-25 years of age
Sex Female
Status Worker
Height 145 centimeters
Culture Neolithic Revolution
Date(s) 3105–2935 BCE
Site Rogestorps bog outside Falkoping, Sweden
Current Location
Location Västra Götalands län, Sweden
Catalog #

The Luttra Woman was the name given to a Neolithic bog body found in 1943 in Sweden. Although the Luttra Woman's cause of death is considered to be a mystery, there are many speculations as to how it happened. Because an arrow head was found a few meters from the site of her death, it was considered that she had been shot by an arrow before her death.


The Luttra Woman's bog body was found 120 centimeters below the surface of the earth after a peat exhibition took place. It was seen that at the time of her death, the Luttra Woman had naturally been mummified underneath the surface of a pond. Due to the natural mummification in aquatic water, many aspects of the Luttra Woman's body did not survive. For example, the soft tissue of the water disappeared causing the skeletonization that has occurred.


Because of the two to three millimeters of freshwater worms found around the body, it was theorized that the Luttra Woman was submerged in water. With the different research that was conducted on the remains of the Luttra Woman, many different age speculations arose. A study of the woman's joints revealed that she must be between 18 to 20 years old, but later research on her dental records revealed that her age was between 20 and 25 years.


Through analysis of the remains, it was determined that the Luttra Woman did not suffer from any diseases. The cause of death was determine to be more physical and done to her by the people around her.


The Luttra Woman was given the nickname Hallonflickan in German, which corresponds to Raspberry Girl, because of the large amounts of raspberries that were found in her stomach. These raspberries were considered her very last meal.

With the help of a doll maker and modern technology, the Falbygdens museum was able to recreate the Luttra Woman's face. There was then an exhibition created in the museum for the Raspberry Girl.

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