Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Loulan, Loulan Beauty, The Beauty of Loulan
Age 40-45
Sex female
Culture Tarim Basin
Date(s) c. 1800 BCE
Site Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, China
Current Location
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Loulan is a Tarim Basin mummy discovered in 1980 on the trade route known as the Silk Road of the Western deserts of Xinjiang, China. She was known as Loulan Beauty because of her amazing preserved stately facial features that have remained beautiful, even 3800 years after her death.

Biography Edit

Loulan Beauty was a Caucasian woman who lived to be around 40-45. She had high cheekbones, high bridged nose and reddish-blonde hair. She was buried three feet under the ground in well made woven clothing, specifically her red robe. She was also dressed in a goatskin, a felt hat and leather shoes. 

Mummification Edit

Studies Edit

Victor Mair, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Paolo Francalacci, a geneticist got access to genetic samples of the Tarim Basin mummy in 1993. They found that the mummies were European but migrated from the Siberian region.

Pathology Edit

She most likely died from lung disease caused by environmental pollution from open fires and gritty sand in the air.

Additional Information Edit

Tarim Mummies are proof that over 4000 years ago people travelled over far distances Many of the Tarim mummies had tatoos

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