Long Pao
Biographical Information
Name(s) Long Pao
Age 50
Sex male
Status elite
Height 1.73m
Culture Chinese
Date(s) 400 years ago
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Shijingshan Beijing
Catalog # Unknown
Long Pao died about 300-400 years ago and was discovered in Shijingshan, Beijing in May, 2005. The mummy is unique because he was not a part of the royal family and yet he was wearing a silk gown that only royal families were allowed to wear when he was buried.


Mummified naturally. The tomb was sealed perfectly and the surrounding is fairly dry, causing the body fluids to evaporate quickly, leaving the mummified body behind.


Anthropologists are still trying to figure out the identity of this mummy. Theories are, it is either a secret son of the emperor that was secretly being buried after his death or the silk gown was a gift to the mummy from the emperor or someone inside the royal family. Another theory that was brought up recently was that the mummy was the descendant of the royal family of the previous dynasty. However, these are just theories with no solid evidence.


Cause of death was a type of lung disease. Anthropologists has reason to believe that Long Pao died in late-autumn.


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