Ling Huiping
Human Mummy
The Mummy of Ling Huiping
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ling Huiping
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Status presumed wealthy, or as a servant of Lady Dai's
Height Unknown
Culture Han Dynasty
Date(s) 200B.C.(Roughly)
Site near the city of Changsha, China.
Current Location
Location Uknown
Catalog #

Ling Huiping was the wife of Han Dynasty official. Her mummy began decomposing in the open air as soon as the coffin was opened. A 'wet mummy' like Lady Dai Xin Zhui  and  Sui Xiaoyuan.[1] The tomb of Ling Huiping was found in 1971 by workers, near the city of Changsha.[1] She is presumed to be about 2,000 years old. [1] Found in Lianyungang with three other coffins with inmates reduced to bones.


Her body was found in a similar mummified state as Lady Dai's[1] Scientists suspect the key to her preservation lies in the mysterious unidentified reddish liquid found in the coffin, the fluid held magnesium and salt traces.


Discovered in a Han Dynasty-era tomb containing over 1,000 well-preserved artifacts.

A standard autopsy performed,[2]"Her skin was still moist and elastic, her joints still flexible, every feature still remained intact down to her eyelashes and the hair in her nostrils, and blood still remained in her veins."(Holloway, paragraph 4).[2]


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