Lindow III
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) unknown
Age 25
Sex male
Status unknown
Height 1.73 m
Culture Romano-British or Iron Age (?)
Date(s) 2 BCE - 119 CE
Site Lindow Moss
Current Location
Location Cheshire, England
Catalog #
Lindow III is a collection of over 70 fragments of human remains which were discovered in Cheshire, England in Lindow Moss bog. Among the human tissues discovered were skin, vertebrae, arms and legs - but no head was found.


Found in Lindow Moss bog on 6 February 1987. Initial remains were discovered on the peat extraction elevator. Further remains were uncovered when the peat was sorted the following day. Due to the nature of Lindow III's discovery, little is known about who this person might have been.


AN01147302 001 l
The bog was able to preserve the body so well due to its ability to preserve organic materials because it is acidic, cold and free from oxygen. The bog created a tanning process of the body. Bogs also typically contain decomposing Sphagnum mosses which preserve organic matter by preventing their decomposition.


Remains were fragmentary.


The Lindow man is held at the British Museum.


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