Lady of The Mask
Human Mummy
The Lady with the mask2
Biographical Information
Name(s) Lady of The Mask
Sex Female
Status Nobleman
Culture Wari
Date(s) about AD 700
Site Lima
Current Location
Catalog #

The Lady of the Mask was assumed to be a member of the Wari people, an indigenous civilization that flourished in the south central Andes in modern day Peru from abut AD 500 to 1000. Unfortunately these people never developed a written language and left no inscriptions that would provide critical clues to their customs or beliefs.


There has been no exact why of mummification other than the extraordinary faked blue eyes.


There are further studies and tests being conducted on other adult mummies found at the site.


Two other masks were found near the bodies but archeologists believe the Lady of the Mask was the only important women among the dead. They also believe small children were often sacrificed and is common to find their bodies alongside adult ones. This was the first time a tomb from the regions Wari culture had been discovered intact which gives historians and anthropologists a chance to finally understand and pin point their culture and pre-Inca burials.


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