Lady Yeoheung Min
Human Mummy
Lady solo-0
Biographical Information
Name(s) Lady Yeoheung Min
Age 70
Sex Female
Status Married
Height Unknown
Culture Joseon Kingdom (Korean)
Date(s) 1586-1656
Site Seoul's Deongrae-Jeong Clan Cemetery
Current Location
Location Seoul's Deongrae-Jeong Clan Cemetery (New Tomb)
Catalog # Unknown

The Lady Yeoheung Min, is a Joseon Kingdom mummy buried in a family tomb along with her husband, Gwanggyeong Jeong (1586-1644). She was born into a noble family, and her husband's ancestors had been prime ministers in the Joseon Kingdom. Their family epitaph tells of their many happy years of marriage. 

Lady Yeoheung Min lived to the age of 70. Her body was perfectly mummified, but her overall health and cause of death is uncertain as she did not undergo any scientific investigation. Since she was found in a family tomb, she went nearly unstudied and was reburied in a newly constructed family tomb before any analysis could be completed.


She was found perfectly mummified along with 31 articles of clothing and 18 textile pieces. These pieces of textile and clothing were also were preserved and were buried with her as part of the funeral ceremony. Most of the pieces of clothing were found to be made of silk, and were extremely intricate and beautiful. 


No studies were completed on Lady Yeoheung Min




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