Mummy of Lady Gauteshenu
2010 Mummy Chamber 34.1223 1120x1536 600 823
Mummy and Cartonnage of Lady Gautseshenu
Biographical Information
Name(s) Lady Gauteshenu


Age 16 Years Old
Sex Female
Status Upper Class
Height 194 x 55 x 32 cm
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Third Intermediate Period, Dynasties 25-26, circa 700-650 BCE
Site Thebes, Egypt
Current Location
Location Brooklyn Museum
Catalog #

Lady Gauteshenu was approximately 16 years old, originating from Thebes, Egypt. She has been deceased for approximately 2,600 years. Lady Gauteshenu was most likely a member of a wealthy or royal family during the Late Period of Ancient Egypt, evident from the amulets that were discovered inside the body. The mummy was purchased by the Brooklyn Museum in 1933, when it was still legal to purchase such antiquities. 


During the mummification process, the brain and all other internal organs were taken out. The only remaining organ was the heart, due to it’s importance in the afterlife. Due to the expensive and time-consuming nature of the mummification process, it was often reserved for members of noble and wealthy families.
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The cartonnage she lies in has never been opened. This is with the intention of preserving the inner materials from further decay, and to refrain from disrupting the remains. In 2011, the cartonnage was brought to North Shore University Hospital where it underwent a CT scan. This allowed scientists a non-invasive method of examining the body without opening the cartonnage. The CT scan confirmed the presence of a corpse with flesh, bones, and hair. Moreover, the CT scans revealed that the mummy has excellent teeth.


The cartonnage of Lady Gauteseshenu is decorated with vivid imagery. On the left, she plays an instrument while kneeling in front of the symbol of god Osiris. Illustrated in the middle are the Four Sons of Horus, who are meant to protect the mummified organs of the body. On the right, god Anubis is seen examining the heart of the deceased. 

Gauteseshenu translates to "bouquet of lotuses".

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