Kyrgyzstan Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Kyrgyzstan Mummy
Age < 30 years
Sex Female
Status political football
Height unknown
Culture Kyrgyz
Date(s) 1,500 B.C.E
Site State Museum
Current Location
Location Kyrgyzstan
Catalog # unknown

First discovered in southern Bishkek Province in 1956.The mummy of a young woman found by Soviet archaeologists during excavations conducted in the Batken region. After the discovery, scientists handed them over to the Historical Museum of the Republic, where she remained. Researchers believe that the find dates from the 4th centuries AD. The Kyrgyzstan mummy was said to have tremendous value in filling in the gap between Xinjiang's Tarim Basin and Western Eurasia.

In a political and scientific travesty, however, in October 2017 the mummy was snatched from the museum housing it and reburied in Bishkek Province, because according to the former culture minister the mummy was "just an ordinary woman", not a "chieftain" worthy of preservation. Outgoing President Almazbek Atambayev condemned the mummy's reburial, blaming "pseudo-Muslims" who "believe every clairvoyant." Scientists have called the mummy to be immediately restored to the museum and lament a "dark age" for science.


Naturally preserved in arid and freezing conditions, it was the only mummy ever discovered in the republidc but was called nothing but a corpse by the former culture minister.


Her gender is known, we know she was quite young, probably less than 30, when she died, her skull has undergone artificial deformation, which was a popular custom among nomads of the region and era.

One opinion said that her corpse shows she may have been buried alive.

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