Kreepen Man

Kreepen Man (also known as Brammer Man or Kreeper-Brammer Man) was found by Friedrich Luttmann in early June 1903 in a bog in Lower Saxony near Verden, Germany. This bearded man was found lying face down with no clothing. As is the case with many bog finds, the body was well preserved (one of the best preserved bog bodies, according to Live Science) by the high acid, low temperature, and lack of oxygen in peat.

The body had twisted oak and willow branches binding his hands and feet. After its discovery, the body was sold to The Museum of European Cultures in Berlin but was destroyed when the city was bombed during WWII. Hair found at the site believed to belong to the Kreepen Man, date to between 1440 and 1520, but without the body, the date of death cannot be confirmed.


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