Klement Gottwald
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Klement Gottwald
Age 57
Sex Male
Status Married
Height N/A
Culture Czech
Date(s) 23 November 1896 – 14 March 1953
Site Žižka Monument
Current Location
Location Czechia
Catalog #

As the illegitimate child of a worker, Klement Gottwald was sent to Vienna at 12 years old to wind up to apprentice a woodworker and cabinetmaker. By the age of 16, he had turned  communist and amid World War I, he served in the Austro-Hungarian armed force, betraying to the Russians before the finish of the war. When he came back to the new condition of Czechoslovakia in 1918, he joined the left wing of the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party, the wing that in 1921 turned into the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, Gottwald was a sanction part. Before long he was editorial manager of the gathering daily paper in Bratislava, Hlas Ludu ("Voice of the People"), and later of Pravda ("Truth"). In 1925 he was chosen to the focal board of trustees of the KSČ and moved to Prague, and in 1927 he turned into the gathering's secretary-general. From 1929 he was an individual from the Czechoslovak parliament. On June 14, 1948, after Beneš's renunciation under risk and weight, Gottwald was initiated as leader of the republic. Afterward, Gottwald got a chill at Joseph Stalin's burial service (March 9, 1953) and died of pneumonia five days after the fact.


Initially, the arrangement had been that Klement Gottwald's preserved body would stay in plain view in a catacomb on the grounds of Prague's Jan Zizka Monument. City infrastructure was improved and a huge ecological control unit was put inside the previous landmark. There are accounts that in 1962 Gottwald's body had blackened and was decomposingIt was distinctly evident that something had gone badly during the time spent protecting Gottwald's body. Basically, the recipe utilized as a part of the embalming procedure was a bad batch, resulting the need to re-treat his whole body at regular intervals every 18 months.



Gottwald had suffered from heart disease for several years. Shortly after one of his arteries burst, resulting in a severe heart attack. He died shortly after.

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