King Psammetich I
Human Mummy
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Biographical Information
Name(s) King Psammetich I
Age 3,500 years old
Sex male
Status pharaoh of the Saite dynasty, ruler of Egypt
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) ruled ancient Egypt from 664 - 610 BC, died 610 BC
Current Location
Location Cairo, Egypt
Catalog #


King Psammetich I, known in Egyptian as Wahibra Psamtik I was the ruler in Egypt from 664-610 BC. He was the pharaoh of the 26th dynasty Saite. Son to Necho I. His wife, Mehtemweskhet, and him had two children Nitocris and Necho II.

Main Deeds

  • 666: Psammetichus is heir apparent to Necho I, viceroy of Memphis and Sais.
  • 664: Tanwetamani, son of Kushite King Taharqo, attacks Lower Egypt but is fought off by Necho. Necho is killed, Psammetichus flees to Assyria then attacks Tanutamun and sacks Thebes; Upper Egypt is left to a man named Montuemhat.
  • Psammetichus employs Greek and Carian mercenaries and achieves military supremacy over the other rulers in Lower Egypt and the Libyan tribes in the west.
  • 656: Psammetichus' daughter Nitocris is adopted as "god's wife of Amun"; as a result, Psammetichus can unify Egypt.
  • 651-648: Civil war in Assyria; Egypt slips out of Assyrian control forts; according to Herodotus, Psammetichus devoted twenty nine-years to the siege of Ashdod in Palestine and warded off the invasion.
  • c.620: Psammetichus founds Naucratis, a Greek port of trade in the western Delta.
  • 616: Egyptian troops support the Assyrians.
  • 612: The Assyrian capital Nineveh captured by the Babylonians and Medes.
  • 610: Death; Psammetichus is succeeded by his son Necho II.


  • Temples of the creator deities Atum and Neith in Sais
  • Temple of Banebdjedet at Mendes
  • Temples of Buto, Ptah, the Apis, and the Osiris-Apis at Memphis (the latter is a predecessor of the Serapeum in Saqqara)
  • Forts at Tell el-Kedua, Daphnae, Tell el-Balamun
  • Retaining walls for the sacred lake of Tanis
  • A temple at Hermopolis Parva
  • A chapel for Osiris at Karnak (dedicated by Nitocris)


Necho I / Aššurbanipal.

Succeeded by Necho II.

Additional Info

Tombs discovered in Egypt are believed to contain the remains of King Psammetich I.

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