Kim Jong-il
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Kim Jong-il
Age 70
Sex male
Status Married
Date(s) February 16, 1941 - December 17, 2011
Site Kumsusan Palace of the Sun
Current Location
Location Pyongyang, North Korea
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Kim Jong-il was born in Vyatskoye, Russia under the former Soviet Union. He took over as the leader of North Korea after his father, Kim Il-sung, passed away in 1994. He was the leader until his own death in 2011. He was succeeded by his son, Kim Jung-un. He had 5 children, Kim Jong-nam, Kim Sul-song, Kim Jong-chul, Kim Jong-un, and Kim Yo-jong ("Kim Jong-il", 2017).


The Kumsusan Assembly Hall served as Kim Il-sung's official residence when he was alive. Following Kim Il-sung's death, Kim Jong-il had the building renovated and transformed into his father's mausoleum ("Kumsusan Palace of the Sun", 2017). Kim Il-sung's body lies in the palace and is preserved and available for view by the public. After Kim Jong-il's death, he was given a similar room to his father and is also preserved for display to the public. Starting on January 12th, 2012, the North Korean government confirmed that Kim Jong-il's preserved remains would be put on permanent display at the palace ("Kumsusan Palace of the Sun," 2017).


Kim Jong-il attended Primary School No. 4 and Middle School No. 1 (Namsan Higher Middle School) in Pyongyang ("Kim Jong-il," 2017). He was always involved in politics as a child and as a result, he was an active member of the Korean Children's Union and the Democratic Youth League.


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