KV21 Mummy A
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) KV21 Mummy A
Age 3,340
Sex Female
Status Elite
Height unknown
Culture Ancient Eygptian
Date(s) 1292 - 1323 B.C.
Site KV21 Tomb
Current Location
Location Eygptian Museum, Cairo
Catalog # none
Mummy A found in Tomb KV21 in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. Further research is being done to determine who exactly the mummy is but it is hypothesized to be Nefertiti's daughter. KV21 Mummy A was damaged by a vandal between the 18th and 19th century.

Two female mummies were discovered in Tomb KV21 and were believed to be a part of the 18th Dynasty. DNA was compared between the two fetuses discovered in Tutankhamun's tomb and Mummy A, and it was determined that Mummy A is the biological mother of Tutankhamun's children.


Announcing the DNA results in 2010, "The data obtained from KV21A points to this mummy as the mother of the fetuses [in Tutankhamun's tomb]. Unfortunately we are not yet able to identify her...." Only partial data was able to be recovered and a attempt to produce a sequence was not successful.


1825: The tomb was examined and determined as a "clean new tomb"

1989: The tomb was revisited and the mummies were discovered torn to pieces, jars stored next to the tomb were shattered and graffiti was found on the tomb reading "ME 1826".

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