Julius Wilhelm von Crailsheim
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Julius Wilhelm von Crailsheim
Age 47
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height 169.7 cm
Culture German
Date(s) Date of Birth: September 30th, 1764

Date of Death: March 10th, 1812

Site Crypt in Sommersdorf
Current Location
Location Balvaria, Germany
Catalog # D

Julius Wilhelm von Crailsheim is one of the 9 mummies found in the crypt of the Sommersdorf Castle in Bavaria, Germany. The castle belonged to the von Crailsheim family, which was a wealthy aristocratic German family.


The body was buried horizontally with his hands placed on his abdomen. The mummy was found wearing patterned socks, and had some hair still preserved on the top of its head. The tissue on the mummies neck shows heavy postmortem damage, which could possibly be due to natural decomposition. Death of the individual could have been attributed to rheumatic seizures, meningitis, or a possible hunting injury.

Julius was 47 when he died and his skull shows signs of damage to the teeth, including the dislocation of several teeth in the oral cavity and the upper half of the cervical part of the trachea. The calculated body height is 169.7 cm. There is no evidence of additional mummification on any of the bodies found in the Sommersdorf castle, meaning all of the bodies were naturally mummified.  


In the crypt where this mummy was found, there were 11 coffins, 6 belonging to adults and 4 belonging to children. Of the 11 coffins, only 8 mummies were preserved enough to be examined. Though all of the mummies were found in the same family crypt, mummies A, C, D, G and E were found to not be maternally related.


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