José dos Santos Ferreira Moura
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) José dos Santos Ferreira Moura
Age 48
Sex male
Date(s) 1839–1887
Site Foz do Douro
Current Location
Location Portugal
Catalog #

José dos Santos Ferreira Moura, known as Padre Moura, was born on the 29th of April of 1839.

In 1873, Padre Moura became Abbot of Foz. He was dedicated to charity and social causes, having perpetuated his legacy by funding the Associação dos Socorros Mútuos da Foz do Douro (Association of Mutual Aid of Foz do Douro) and also the Banda Marcial da Foz(Foz’s Marcial Band), the latter still exists today.Padre Moura succumbed to pneumonia in 1887.

In 1924, during building works made in the cemetery, there was the need to move the coffin of Padre Moura. When the men were lifting the coffin, they found the uncorrupted body of Padre Moura, buried for 37 years.

Due to a will of the population, the body was placed in a special mausoleum, in a marble tomb topped with a crystal display case, where he can be visited.

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