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Johannes Orlovits
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Johannes Orlovtis
Age 1 years old
Sex male
Culture Hungarian
Date(s) 1800-1801
Site Santa Ana, California, USA
Current Location
Location Domincan Church of Vác, Hungary
Catalog #

He was the son of Veronica Skripetz and Michael Orlovits. Johannes was Veronica's third child. A CT of the mummy was done recently to find the possible cause of death. The baby had no broken bones and was well nourished by the look of the remains.


Anthropologists suggested that Johannes had died from dysentery, which was an infection in the intestines causing severe diarrhea that caused dehydration.

CT scan revealed that Johannes Orlovits was a well-nourished baby, with rolls of fat and chubby legs. He didn’t appear to have any chronic disease or broken bones. Therefore, his death was likely sudden. His bowels were relatively clean, void of the microbacteria normally found in our intestines that help us digest food leading researchers to believe dysentery was a likely culprit.


About to undergo CT scans.

Johannes Orlovits was born in 1800 and died a year later. He was Skripetz’s third child with her first husband, none of whom lived past age 2.

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