Ivolginsky Datsan
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ivolginsky Datsan
Age 75
Sex male
Status titular head of the Buddhist faith in Russia
Height unknown
Culture Buddhism
Date(s) 1927
Site His sitting body was set upright inside a wooden box and buried.
Current Location
Location Russia
Catalog #

Itigilov, who was the 12th Pandido Khambo Lama, the titular head of the Buddhist faith in Russia, had the other lamas join him in meditation. He died mid-meditation.


the body had been preserved by being packed in salt and shows recent footage of the body being removed from this salt, although the reporter was not clear about when the salt was first applied.

The Buddhist monks approach him as a living person and shake hands with him. Some devotees even claim that Itigilov is still alive, only immersed in a hibernation- or nirvana-like state.


Itigilov’s body is kept in a glass case, on an upper floor of the main temple. It is exhibited on Buddhist holidays, only seven days of the year.

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