Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Isetemkhebet aka Istemkheb IV aka Isetemkheb D
Sex f
Status elite
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 990 BC to 969 BC
Current Location
Location Egyptian National Museum of Antiquities in Cairo
Catalog #

Found in the 1881 discovery, Cache DB320 at Deir el-Bahari Isetemkhebet was the daughter of Menkheperre, wife of Pinedjem II and may have been his sister as well. Her children included Psusennes II; Harweben, a Chantress of Amun, buried at Bab el-Gasus; and Henuttawy, God's Wife of Amun. Her coffins, canopics and other funerary equipment were buried with her.Her mummy was never unwrapped. A much earlier set of her coffins were reused for the burial of Neskhonsu. DB320 may be her original place of burial.


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