Biographical Information
Name(s) Iret-hor-r-u
Age 2200 years old
Sex male
Status 30-40 years old, evidence of osteoporosis disease
Height 154 centimetres
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Given as a gift to Jesuit Pontifical Bible Institute in Jerusalem, 1930
Site Israel Museum
Current Location
Location Israel Museum in Jerusalem
Catalog #
Iret-hor-r-u (translated to "Protective Eye of Horus") is an Egyptian male mummy, discovered to be the only one in Israel. This mummy is approximately 2200 years old, and was determined to be 30-40 years old at the time of death. The origins of this mummy were traced to the city of Akhmim, a city approximately 500 km south of Cairo. This mummy was placed in a coffin decorated with God's and various designs, indicating the man was once a high-ranking priest.

Various CT scans utilized on this mummy helped scientists in discovering that the bones, teeth, and blood vessels were well preserved; thanks to the dry climate where the mummy resided. Scientists deem if the climate was not dry and preserving, there would have been little indication that ancient Egyptians suffered from osteoporosis.


Despite that this mummy was interred for approximately 2200 years, the remains of the mummy were so well preserved to the point where scientists were able to determine the gender, as well as the details regarding the mummy's health status. This deemed quite useful as it communicated the evidence of osteoporosis (a deliberating bone disease). 

This mummy is especially important as it's various physical artifacts communicate the sufferings the ancient Egyptians experienced, targeting the common Osteoporosis disease.


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