Infant Mummy Pair
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Age infant/fetus
Sex undetermined
Height 46.5 centimetres/Length: 28 centimetres
Culture Egypt
Current Location
Location The British Museum
Catalog # EA54055
A pair of infant mummies donated to the Museum in 1915 by Capt, E. L. Gruning. It was initially though that one or both of the mummies might contain animal remains, but recent exams confirmed human mummies.


The two miniature mummies were wrapped in resinous-coated plain bandages. The smaller mummy lay on and adherent to the the body of the larger.


The larger child died at or shortly after birth. The Skull showed considerable overlapping of the bones of the vault. All facial bones and bones of the base of the skull disorganized. Thorax and Abdomen shoe ribs compressed and dislocated. There is a considerable curvature of the spine, and some of the dorsal vertebrae appear to be missing. Fracture, mid-shaft of left clavicle. There are two dense objects lying on surface of the abdomen, possibly amulets. Arms are Extended, palms of hands in contact with outer thighs. No fractures seen.Legs show no fractures. Many of the bones of the feet are dislocated. The smaller mummy was apparently a fetus of about 5 months. The state of the skull, thorax and abdomen, legs, and arms is similar to that of the larger mummy.

Radiographic examination carried out in 2008 confirmed that both of the mummies appear to contain the remains of human children.

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