The Maiden
Biographical Information
Name(s) "The Maiden"
Age currently 500 years old

approx 13-15 years old at the time of death

Sex female
Status Frozen
Culture Incan
Date(s) discovered in 1999
Site Llullaillaco volcano, Argentina
Current Location
Location Argentina
Catalog #


Discovered in the volcano,  Llullaillaco, in Argentina, this Incan mummy was believed to have been a human sacrifice. Analysis shows that she had some sort of bacterial lung infection at the time of her death. She was preserved so well by the cold that lice could still be found on her head.


Found frozen on Llullaillaco, a 22 000-feet above sea level volcano. She was believed to have been intoxicated in order to make her obedient. She was then abandoned at the volcano and eventually frozen to death. She was so realistic that when she discovered in 1999, she was thought to have died recently.



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