Ichma Woman
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ichma Woman
Age 50
Sex F
Culture Ichma
Date(s) AD 800 - 1400
Site Pachacamac, Peru
Current Location
Location Musee de Confluences in Lyons
Catalog #

A female mummy first discovered in 2012 dating to 1,000 years BP was discovered by archaeologists from the Université Libre de Bruxelles excavating the Pachacamac site, around 25 miles from Lilma, Peru.

The mummy was a women of around 50 years old when she was ceremonially buried in a fetal position.


Compressed into a fetal position and tightly wrapped in a bundle.


She was one of more than 80 mummies and skeletons were found in Pachacamac, including infants and children, who are believed to have been ritually slaughtered. Most were in a fetal position and wrapped up in a bundle.

The Ichma peoples lived in the region from about the year 800 to 1450 where they constructed 17 pyramids. Their culture and systems of belief were later absorbed by the Inca empire after it conquered them. Archaeologists consider Pachacamac to be an important ancient settlement.

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