Huayna Capac
Human Mummy
Huayna Capac.png
Biographical Information
Name(s) Huayna Capaca, also spelled Wayna Qhapaq
Age 62
Sex Male
Status Sapa Inca
Culture Inca
Date(s) 1468-1524
Site lost or destroyed
Current Location
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Huayna Capac became the eleventh emperor (sapa inca) of the Incas ascending the throne in 1493, following the death of his father Tupac Inca. Huayna was one of the youngest of Tupac's 62 sons.

Huayna Capac, his sister-wife, his brother, uncle, and heir apparent, Ninan Cuyoche would all die of small pox in 1527. His death would set off a dynastic struggle between his heirs later called the War Between the Brothers. In all, an estimated 150,000 would die in the civil war.

He ordered that after his death his heart should remain in Quito, but body sent to Cuzco. When his body was transported to Cuzco it said that hundreds of human beings and animals were sacrificed during the course.


All the Inca emperors had their bodies mummified after their deaths.


His mummy was on display in his palace in Cuzco and was viewed by the Spanish conquistadors of the Inca Empire. Later, it was taken from Cuzco to his royal estate where it was hidden from the Spanish by the emperor's relatives and servants. At some point, it was taken back to Cuzco, where it was discovered in 1559 by the Spanish, along with mummies of 10 other Inca emperors and their wives. The mummy was taken to Lima where it was displayed in the San Andres Hospital. The mummies deteriorated in the damp climate of Lima and eventually they were either buried or destroyed by the Spanish. Dr. Hampe-Martínez worked a dig to recover the mummy of Huayna Capac, buried at the the Real Hospital de San Andres in Lima; the attempt to find the mummies of the Inca emperors beneath the San Andres hospital in 2001 was unsuccessful. The archaeologists found a crypt, but it was empty.

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