Hor (British Museum)
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Hor
Age middle aged
Sex M
Status high
Height 1.64 metres
Site Theban Necropolis
Current Location
Location The British Museum
Catalog # EA6659

Housed in the British Museum, the mummy was purchased for the museum collection in 1823 from a private collector.


The mummy is wrapped in linen, and has a painted wooden coffin, inscribed with the name Hor. Most of the upper teeth are missing and the incisors are very worn. Artificial eyes are in the orbits; the right is displaced. The cervical spine appears intact. Thorax and Abdomen are filled with dense packing material. A scarab lies above the level of the upper lumbar vertebrae. The dorsal and lumbar inter-vertebral discs are partially opaque. No fractures or ribs or spinal column. Pelvis and hips normal. Circumcision has apparently been performed. Arms are extended. Hands with extended fingers in the pubic area. Legs show no fractures or dislocations. The knee cartilages are opaque. No lines of arrested growth. A dense mummiform figure, just under 8" long, between the femoral shafts is visible on the plate.

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