Hibbard Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Age ~5
Sex f
Status elite
Height 3 ft
Culture Egypt
Date(s) 1st c AD
Site Hawara
Current Location
Location Styberg Library
Catalog #
Also known as Hawara Portrait Mummy No. 4 the Hibbard Mummy is housed at the Styberg Library at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Lydia Beekman Hibbard received the mummy in gratitude for her financial support of Flinders Petrie’s excavations in a Roman cemetery in Hawara, Egypt in 1911. She donated the mummy to Western Theological Seminary of Chicago in 1912 to be included in the Hibbard Egyptian Library.


The mummy, about 1,800 years old and weighs 50 pounds. Wires, the nature of which are unknown, were found in her teeth, but one researcher suggests these might be modern pins, rather than ancient artefacts. And a small, unidentified object had been wrapped to her stomach.

In 2017, the mummy became the first to be examined using synchrotron X-rays.


Researchers do not know how the girl died, but since there were no signs of trauma on the remains, speculation has it she likely succumbed to disease.


Researchers believe the girl was wrapped in the linen unclothed and was probably not wearing anything when she was prepared for mummification.

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