age: Over 250 - 800 years old

sex: Female 

height: 5 feet


site: Valley of Queens, Egypt.

location: Egypt


Valley of Queens

Hasina was found a group Archaeologist as they were investigating the site, looking for artifacts for their research involving the burial of many other empresses, queens, and princesses. Her body was found 5 feet deep under the ground, and when found, her body was covered from head to toe in a bandage made from a gauze-like material. She had many pieces of jewelry placed on her which involved head crown, a necklace, and an amulet. Her mummy remains dated back to at least 250 - 800years ago. 


Hasina was found and investigated on, they saw may problems such as chemicals being soaked into the bones, holes drilled into her skull, and there were even signs of malnutrition. 


The studies based on her mummified body led to the group of workers to understand the culture she was living in. They have seen that there was not enough nutritional food during the time period she was living in. With the hole found in her skull, it showed there could have been other illness involving infections. They learned to understand the culture of they Dynasty time periods and the preservation techniques used when Empress Hasina was mummified.


With the studies based on the evidence involving the mummified Hasina, Pathologist had studied the diseases and illnesses which emerged during the Dynasty periods.

==Additional ==  

During the finding of Hasina's mummified body, there were multiple of other mummies found during the process, all of them were found to be Queens and Princesses during the Dynasty periods. Included in all their coffins involved many objects such as jewelry, letters, additional clothing, and other interesting items.

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