Harsiese I
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Harsiese I
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Status Pharaoh of the dynasty XXIII
Height Unknown
Culture Egypt
Date(s) Ca. 870-860 a.c.
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Medinet Habu, Egypt
Catalog #

Horsiese was an independent ruler, who ruled in Thebes , being a contemporary of Pharaoh Osorkon II .

It is seen by the eminent scholar Kenneth Kitchen , in his books of the third intermediate period of Egypt , as high priest of Amón and son of the high priest of Amón, Sheshonq C.

Archaeological evidence suggests that he was the son of Sheshonq C , but studies published by the German Egyptologist Karl Jansen-Winkeln in JEA 81 (1995) have shown that all documents of the first king, where Horsiese appears, was never High Priest of Amun . Horsiese I and his son [... du], whose existence is known from inscriptions on funerary objects Copts , are cited only as ordinary priests of Amun.

It is evident that Horsiese I was an independent king in Thebes during the first decade of the reign of Osorkon II, but also there was a different personage that was called Horsiese: Horsiese B , who was the undisputed high priest of Amón, who is met with This function at the end of the reign of Osorkon II, in the 6th year of Sheshonq III and in the 18th and 19th years of Padibastet , according to Jansen-Winkeln.

Horsiese I may have become king of Thebes before the 4th Year of Osorkon II, and certainly ruled Thebes during the first decade of the reign of Osorkon II, as Kitchen comments. The control of Osorkon II on this great city is documented in the texts of the nilometer of Karnak and reflect that Horsiese had died by this time.


Only his skull and an arm bone survive; the skull shows signs of an operation.

Additional Info

Hedyjeperra Horsiese , Horsiese I or Harsiese I , a pharaoh of the dynasty XXIII who ruled from ca. 870-860 a. C. 1 during the Third Interim Period of Egypt .


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