Gunnister Man
Human Mummy
Gunnister man
Biographical Information
Name(s) Gunnister Man
Age Dated back to late 17th and early 18th century
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Unknown, but possibly from a foreign country
Date(s) Found in May 12th, 1951
Site peat bog not far from the junction of the A970 road
Current Location
Location Gunnister, Shetland, Scotland
Catalog #
The style of the man’s clothing, and coins found in his

purse, dates his death to around 1700. While the acidic conditions in the peat rotted much of the body, it kept his clothes and other items incredibly well-preserved.


Acidic conditions in the peat in Scotland, rotted much of the body. However, his clothes and other personal items were well-preserved.


The knitted purse found with the mummified
Gunnister man
body, is believed to be the earliest example of two-color knitting in Shetland.


His remains suggests that he was walking in wintertime, and possibly died of exposure or illness.


All objects in the original findings are in the collection in National Museums of Scotland. These objects includes stockings, purses, gloves, leather belt, knife handle, a quill, and open-work knitting.

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