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Green Boots
Biographical Information
Name(s) Green Boots
Sex male
Date(s) presumed to have died 1996, first recorded 2001
Site Northeast ridge route, Mount Everest
Current Location
Location currently unknown, presumed removed or buried
Catalog #

Green Boots is nickname attached to the body of a climber, likely Indian mountaineer, Tsewang Paljor, who died along with seven others in what is known as the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster. It is believed that Paljor and two other members of his team either reached the summit of Mount Everest or came very close to it, but encountered a blizzard during their descent. The three were not seen again.

The Green Boots body was first spotted in 2001 in a limestone alcove located at 27,890 feet (8 500 m), littered with oxygen bottles. The bright green boots he wore led to the nickname “Green Boots.” His body was used as a trail marker until 2014 when it disappeared from its original position on the northeastern ridge. In 2017, a body was spotted hanging off the cliff which was thought to be his. Theories arose that the body was pushed over the side of the mountain to hide it from view, and another theory was that a group of people had decided to give him mountain burial; several climbers believe they had spotted him covered in stones at another altitude.


The extreme dry cold conditions on the mountain mummified the body.


Some claim the Green Boot's body belongs to another Indian mountain climber from Paljor's team; P.M. Das, who was the Deputy Leader of the team, claims that Paljor’s body disappeared, leaving the possibility that Green Boots is Lance Naik Dorje Murup.

The niche in which his body was found is now known as the Green Boots Cave. Another climber, David Sharp, died and was preserved there as well.

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