Greco-Roman Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Greco-Roman Mummy
Age 20
Sex Male
Status Royalty
Height 167cm
Culture Greek/Roman
Date(s) 100-120 BC
Current Location
Location Bahariya Oasis
Catalog #

The Greco-Roman Mummy was discovered 190 miles southwest of Cairo, Egypt. In life he was a royal, possibly a prince who died before becoming a king.


Influences and practices collide show through the mummification of our Greco-Roman Mummy. With the usage of a Roman portrait, the inscription of his Greek name, along with Egyptian mummification and art styles on the casing.


The body of the Greco-Roman Mummy remained in good condition given it's age. Cause of death unknown, lived a short life.

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