Gold Dust Infant
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Gold Dust Infant
Age 8 months
Sex female
Status high
Culture Romano- Egyptian
Date(s) AD 18–134
Site unknown
Current Location
Location Cairo
Catalog #
An ancient Egyptian infant mummy, an unwrapped girl, aged approximately 8 months, from the Roman period.

The mummy was originally covered with gold dust.


In contrast to the well-known transnasal approach and the less common approach through the foramen magnum, the approach for excerebration in this case was performed by creating an artificial hole in the skull directly behind the left ear and near the pars petrosum of the temporal bone. Because this bony defect shows no signs of callus formation, it can clearly be identified as a postmortem lesion.


Unwrapped, remnants of the wrapping were found on the right eyelid. It is unknown when the body was unwrapped.

Studies found a missing third rib on the right side. The sixth and seventh ribs are straddled. This is most likely the missing third rib, which was placed in this position by the embalmer. Lateral MIP view demonstrates how the displaced rib prevented the thorax from collapsing like the abdomen did.


She had naturally light colored hair that may have been henna'd

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