Ginger (Gebelein Man)
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ginger
Age Adult
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height 1.63 metres (5.3 feet)
Date(s) 3400BC
Site Gebelein
Current Location
Location British Museum, London
Catalog # Unknown
In 1896, the first Gebelein predynastic mummy, 'Gebelein Man,' who was later nicknamed Ginger, was found. His body is very well preserved, including the preservation of the red hair that earned him the nickname Ginger. Studies show that he was around 18-21 when he died. He has been at the British Museum since 1901. 


Ginger was found in at Gebelein, Egypt, and dates to the Late Predynastic period, around 3400 BC, or earlier. Before mummification was developed, human remains were placed in shallow graves, in direct contact with the hot, dry sand, which absorbed the water in the body. Without moisture, bacteria cannot breed and cause decay, and the body is preserved. It is uncertain whether Ginger’s mummification was intentional or not, though since Ginger was buried with some pottery vessels it is likely that the mummification was a result of preservation techniques of those burying him. He lies in the curled, fetal position common to burials of the time.


Ginger’s body was buried around 3500 BC in sand graves located near Gebelein, Egypt.

Ginger’s body was removed from the British museum and scanned for further analysis. Experts, who have concluded he was almost certainly murdered, his injuries suggest he was the victim of a deliberate assault, his shoulder blade was damaged and the rib underneath shattered in a manner consistent with a stab wound. He was likely stabbed by a copper or flint blade at least five inches long and CT scans confirmed that he was stabbed in the back.


The mummy was placed on display at the British Museum in 1901. 

See also Gebelein Woman.


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