Gilded Lady
Human Mummy
Photo by John Weinstein
Biographical Information
Name(s) Gilded Lady
Age 40 years old at time of death
Sex Female
Status high
Culture Ancient Egyptian
Date(s) 30 BC–AD 395
Current Location
Location The Field Museum, Chicago. Illinois
Catalog # 30007

Since 1983, this mummy has been kept in the storage vaults of The Field Museum.  This mummy's headdress is covered in gilding, hence the name "Gilded Lady." The headdress consists of cartonnage, which is glued layers of papyrus or linen. The mummy is a female from the Ptolemaic period.


In 2011, a mobile CT scanner made it possible to “unwrap” her virtually, revealing details about her medical history and mummification process.

Artist Élisabeth Daynès facial reconstruction rendition of Gilded Lady

CT scans found her to be 40 years old at the time of her death. Scans revealed a slight overbite and curly hair. They also suggest that she may have suffered from tuberculosis,


The first x-rays of a mummy were taken in 1896.

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