Fujiwara no Motohira
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Fujiwara no Motohira
Age 52 years old
Sex male
Status samurai
Height unknown
Culture Northern Japan
Date(s) 1105-1157
Site unknown
Current Location
Location under the main altar of the Chūson-ji Konjiki-dō
Catalog # none

Fujiwara no Motohira was a samurai and the second leader of the Clan Ōshū Fujiwara. Motohira was the second son of Fujiwara no Kiyohira and had a daughter named Abe in Munetō. His clan ruled northern Japan from 1100-1189. He also became the governor of the provinces Mutsu and Dewa.this leader helped rebuild the Chūson-ji and Mōtsū-ji temples in 1150.


His body was found in a great mummification under the altars of the Chūson-ji Konjiki-dō , with his father Kiyohira , his son Fujiwara in Hidehira and the head of his grandson Fujiwara no Yasuhira. These pillars were then decorated with Buddhist images and covered with lacquer.



Ruled in the Heian Period (794-1185).

Death on March 19, 1157,

Father died in 1128 and that is when he became the ruler.

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