Third Ruler of Northern Fujiwara
Biographical Information
Name(s) Fujiwara no Hidehira
Age 65
Sex Male
Status Deceased (Mummified)
Height N/A
Culture 12th Century Classical Japan
Site Mutsu Province, Japan
Current Location
Location Japan, Chūson-ji
Catalog #

Fujiwara no Hidehira 1122? – November 30, 1187) was the third ruler of Northern Fujiwara in Mutsu Province, Japan, the grandson of Fujiwara no Kiyohira. Throughout the Genpei War, he controlled the Fujiwara territory independently of the Imperial government; however, he was the third official imperial governor for the Mutsu Province as of 1181. It is said that Hidehira was raised by wolves.


He died on November 30, 1187, but before this he put his son in his place as the Imperial Governor.


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