Fahrenheid Family
Human Mummy
Rapa Piramida 005.JPG
Biographical Information
Name(s) Friedrich Heinrich Johann von Fahrenheid,

Nobleman Friedrich Wilhelm Johann von Fahrenheid
Ninette Friedrich Heinrich Johann von Fahrenheid.

Age 69/87/3
Sex Male/Male/Female
Status Prussian Nobility
Height varied
Culture Germanic
Date(s) 1811-1849 (family members buried)
Site Previously Kleinangerapp, Eastern Prussia, Germany. Today Rapa, Poland
Current Location
Location Rapa, Poland
Catalog # none

The history surrounding the Fahrenheid mummies is somewhat unclear, therefore the following information is incomplete due to the lack of available sources. The following is what is known to be of the history of the Fahrenheid Family. Friedrich Heinrich Johann von Fahrenheid was a nobleman in Imperial Eastern Prussia. He was a son of Friedrich Wilhelm Johann von Fahrenheid, and the father of Ninette Friedrich Heinrich Johann von Fahrenheid. Friedrich Heinrich Johann von Fahrenheid was passionate about Egyptology and the process of mummification. Due to his interest, the family decided to hire Bertel Thordvaldsen, a popular dutch sculptor of the time, to design a pyramid style mausoleum, which is now known as the Rapa Pyramid or Luschnitz. It was built by a family member, according to some Count Friedrich Heinrich von Fahrenheid, and others attributing the construction to Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Fahrenheid. In any case it was made for the Fahrenheid family in the year of 1811. It is said the reason the mausoleum was built at the time of the death of Wilhelm Heinrich's three year old daughter Ninette. Over time more family members were placed in the tomb including Friedrich Wilhelm Johann von Fahrenheid, and finally in 1849 the likely builder, Friedrich Heinrich, was placed there as well.


Due to his interest in mummies & Egyptology, Friedrich Heinrich Johann von Fahrenheid decided to have all his deceased family members mummified.

Fahrenheid Family mummies.

Currently there is no information available on the mummification process used for the Fahrenheid mummies. Unfortunately the Fahrenheid mummies were badly damaged by Soviet soldiers, as they broke into the family's mausoleum near the end of World War II and mutilated the Fahrenheid mummies.

The mausoleum is also a fairly humid environment, causing even more rapid decay of the bodies, although they are said to remain partially mummified. The Fahrenheid mummies in the Rapa Pyramid mausoleum to this day. It has now been barred and bricked off in order to prevent any further disturbance of the dead of the Fahrenheid family.


The Fahrenheid mummies appear to be unstudied by scientific experts. We do know that the mummies were stored in coffins, however we also know they were seriously damaged by Soviet Soldiers.


Pathology on the Fahrenheid mummies is not available, as they have not been the subject of proper scientific or archaeological study.


The Rapa Pyramid was built in Eastern Prussia

Photo of the Rapa Pyramid, in Rapa Poland

(A state within Imperial Germany prior to World War I), which is located today in Rapa, Poland as a result of post WWII border changes. The Rapa Pyramid mausoleum is 15.9 meters high and 10.4 meters wide.

Additional information about the Fahrenheid family and the Rapa Pyramid can be found through the external links below.

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