Edith Howard Cook
Human Mummy
Casket windows
Biographical Information
Name(s) identified as Edith Howard Cook after initially being dubbed "Miranda Eve"
Age ~ 2.5 years old
Sex Female
Status upper class
Height Not specified
Culture Late 1800's America
Date(s) Found: 2016

Year of Death: 1876

Site Coffin and body found under home in Richmond district, San Fransico
Current Location
Location Reburied in Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Colma, California, U.S.A.
Catalog # N/A

After her casket was found during the renovation of a San Fransisco house in 2016, the city called for "Miranda Eve",  she was named by the home owner and the home owner's children, to be reburied and asked the home owner to cover the cost. When the home owner refused, an organization called "Garden of Innocence" took over and also started the hunt to determine the actual identity of the body. With the help of many volunteers and DNA samples taken before the burial, they identified her as Edith Howard Cook of the wealthy and influential Cook family who lived in the area Edith was found during the era of the Gold Rush. She now rests in Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Colma.


Found in a metal casket that was airtight and therefore was preserved very well. In fact, hair from the body was used as a DNA source for testing (1).


Edith died from disease rather than trauma, with researchers citing marasmus as the cause of her death (2). Marasmus is a condition usually caused by a few different factors, including undernourishment, "congenital weakness of disease", infections and poor sanitation (4).

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