Animal Mummy
Image credit: Sergey Fedorov
Image credit: Sergey Fedorov
Biographical Information
Clas Unknown
Species canine
Age ~2 months
Sex m
Culture Unknown
Date(s) 18,000 ya
Site Siberia
Current Location
Catalog # Unknown

Discovered during the summer of 2018 near the Indigirka River in Yakutia, northeastern Russia. Scientists named it "Dogor" meaning "friend" in the Yakut language.


Dogor is a very late Ice Age wolf, an early domesticated dog, an early modern wolf or even an example of a mix from a time when wolves were evolving into dogs. DNA testing has so far failed to determine its species or cause of death.

So well preserved, his whiskers, eyelashes, nose and much of its fur are in good condition

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