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Djoser Mummy
Human Mummy
Djoser statue.jpg
Biographical Information
Name(s) Djoser
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Status Pharaoh of Third Dynasty during Old Kingdom
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egyptian
Date(s) 2670 BC
Site Saqqara
Current Location
Location Saqqara Cite, Egypt
Catalog # Unknown


Djoser was pharaoh of the third dynasty, old kingdom in 2670 BC. Djoser had many names, Tosorthros and Sesorthos are his two most commonly known ones. Djoser , was probably the son of queen Nimaathap and king Khasekhemwy (ca. 2690 BC), the last Pharaoh of the Second Dynasty of Egypt. However, very little is known about him.


220px-Saqqara BW 5.jpg

Djoser was buried in a sarcophagus in the step pyramid in Saqqara. His mummy was destroyed by ancient thieves; only a mummified left foot was found in the burial chamber in 1934. Whether it is Djoser's has been subject to debate.


A painted limestone statue of Djoser is one of the oldest known life sized statues. This statue would be a good indication of Djoser's height and body type. This statue of Djoser was found around 1924-1925.


Djoser is well known for his military achievements and mine expeditions where he found valuables such as turquoise and copper. The step pyramid is his most famous work.