Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Djeho
Sex m
Height 176 centimetres
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Ptolemaic 26th Dynasty
Site Akhmim
Current Location
Location The British Museum
Catalog # EA29776
Acquired by the museum by purchase in 1898. An adult male in a wooden coffin bearing the name Djeho.


The mummy has resin poured on its linen wrappings, a gilded cartonnage mummy-mask and ornaments including a collar, pectoral, apron and foot-cover.


No obvious fractures to the skull apart from some damage in the nasal region suggesting that the brain was removed through this channel. There is a solidified mass of resin lying in the posterior part of the skull. Artificial eyes are within the orbits. These 'eyes' are somewhat different from the smaller elliptical 'eyes' found in Twenty-first Dynasty mummies, being rounded and a little larger. They are also much more dense. The mouth is slightly open, and all teeth are apparently present. The ribs, spinal column, and inter-vertebral discs appear intact. There is an opacity in the region of the left flank which probably represents a plug of either linen or resin in the embalming wound. A large ball of linen occupies the pelvic cavity. The bones of the pelvis and the hip joints appear normal and are free from fractures and dislocations. Arms are crossed on the breast (right over left). The palms of the hands, fingers extended, rest on the shoulders. No fractures or dislocations seen. No fractures, dislocations, or lines of arrested growth noted on leg bones.


Named in inscription was his father, Psamtek and Astweret, his mother.

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