Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Djedameniufankh
Age 21-26
Sex m
Status high
Culture Egyptian
Current Location
Location The British Museum
Catalog # EA29577
Acquired by the museum in 1897, purchased from Wallis Budge at the Giza Museum. A wooden anthropoid outer-coffin with a painted and plastered face, and a single column of Hieroglyphic text on the lid. It contained his mummy enclosed in cartonnage mummy-case.


Mummy of a young adult man, aged about 21-26, in a cartonnage case bearing the name Djedameniufankh.

The skull was lying upside down with the mandible missing. A tooth lies in the skull's vault, and adjacent to this a displaced artificial eye. All the bony structures are in a state of complete disorder. The dorsal vertebrae are missing and the dislocated and fractured ribs are lying haphazardly. The arms are dislocated and their bone lie across the disjointed pelvis. The leg bones are well formed and free from fractures and dislocations. Lines of arrested growth are seen at the lower ends of the femora. Various teeth, a rib, and a clavicle are lying loose in the cartonnage in the region of the tibiae.

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