Detmold Child
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Detmold Child
Age Approximately 6,500 years old
Sex undetermined
Status high
Culture Peru
Date(s) 4505-4457 BC
Site Peru
Current Location
Location Lippisches Land Museum in in Detmold in North Rhine West-phalia of Germany.
Catalog #

The Detmold Child is the name that has been given to an ancient Peruvian mummy that dates back 6,500 years. One of the oldest recorded mummies ever found. It was named after the Lippisches Landesmuseum in Detmold, North Rhine-Westphalia, which received it for conservation purposes in 1987.

Elongated skull of the Detmold Child

The well-preserved infant was discovered with eyes closed, arms folded and legs hunched, a burial pose typical of the region and culture. The child had small, flat, rectangular pendant strung around its neck, believed to be made of bone. CT scans revealed that the body of the infant had been covered by linen.

It was given as a private donation to Witzenhausen Ethnological Museum and it was later given to the Lippisches Landes Museum in Detmold for professional conversation after it became infested with mould.


Based on a CT scan analysis of the mummy, scientists and heart specialists believe that the baby had hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HHLS). Based on a dental examination, they found out that the baby might have been 8-10 months of age at the time of death. HHLA is a very rare congenital condition of the heart and is a very rare heart condition, which is only 70% survivable even today.

The baby seems also to have had had Vitamin D deficiency (also known as turricephaly).

The mummy was radio-carbon dated to 4505-4457 BC.


The curator stated that the baby suffered from pneumonia and turricephaly which is theorized as to cause elongation of the skull, a second theory is that the baby's head was wrapped to form the elongation.

In addition to the heart abnormality, also discovered was a pulmonary infection due to tuberculosis or pneumonia that was implicated in the death of the infant.


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