David Sharp
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) David Sharp
Age Died age 34. Mummified since 2006
Sex Male
Status Upper Middle Class
Height 1.8m
Culture England
Date(s) 2006 - present
Site "Green Boots Cave"
Current Location
Location Mount Everest
Catalog #
David Sharp died  inside "Green Boots Cave" (named after another clibing fatality) during his attempt in 2006. He  encountered problems and was soon unable to move as result of the frigid conditions. Over 30 climbers passed him by while he was dying. Someone moved him to the sun, but efforts were fruitless as he soon died.


Just as the rest of the bodies on Mount Everest, extreme cold allowed for Sharp to be  preserved.
Dead body david sharp


He died as a result of a combination of faulty equipment, poor conditions, and to exposure. Soon after he achieved the summit, Sharp began his decent, regarded as the most dangerous part of the climb. He was forced to traverse the mountain with a broken head lamp and a frozen oxygen supply. These issues added to exhaustion ended in another mountain fatality


Sir Edmond Hillary, the first man to make the summit, spoke with outrage about Sharp being left to die while other climbers pushed on to the summit..."he was a human being! We would regard it as our duty to get him back to safety."

David Sharp's body has also been used as a marker or a checkpoint for other climbers.

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