Crocodile Bundle
Animal Mummy
Biographical Information
Clas Unknown
Species Crocodylus suchus
Age 3,000-year-old
Sex various
Length various
Culture Unknown
Current Location
Location Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (Dutch National Museum of Antiquities)
Catalog # Unknown

A three-meter-long (9.84ft.) mummy was examined with a new 3D CT scanner after first being examined in 1996 with an older type of scanner. The earlier scan revealed that the mummy, which was believed to belong to one crocodile, was in fact two large crocodiles wrapped together. The new scan results showed that apart from the two crocodiles previously seen inside the wrappings, the mummy also contained dozens of individually wrapped baby crocodiles.


The mummy is a master work of crocodile mummification. The scans also showed amulets placed inside the linen wrappings. The mummy was arranged to resemble one large crocodile with the aid of various kinds of stuffing: bits of wood, wads of linen, plant stems, and rope.

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